Involving Young Volunteers

Many young people are extremely enthusiastic about volunteering as they believe it to provide a good source of experience for their future.

Young volunteers can offer your organisation:

To get the most out of your young volunteers it is important that you:

As with any volunteer it is important that an organisation recognises that young people may have overcome barriers and issues of fear to get to the initial meeting or to make the first phone call to your organisation. Many young people are used to the comfort of being surrounded by their friends in day-to-day activities, therefore doing something different, like volunteering alone, can be extremely challenging and daunting. For this reason it is important that you provide not only your young volunteers, but all volunteers with praise and encouragement.

For further information on involving young volunteers click here or give us a call on 0131 660 1216.

Saltire Awards

Saltire Awards provide 12-25 year old volunteers with the chance to gain formal recognition for their volunteering. Through Saltire, young volunteers can gain certificates to show their commitment to volunteering. Certificates are achieved on completion of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of Volunteering. Endorsed by the Scottish Government, Saltire Awards are delivered locally by Volunteer Centres free of charge.

Also part of the awards scheme are Saltire Challenges. Saltire Challenges are one-off volunteering events designed to introduce young people to volunteering. Challenges can be organised by anyone, including the young people themselves or be hosted by organisations. Volunteer Midlothian can assist people in starting a Challenge and once registered we will organise the awards for the young people.

The Final Stage of Saltire is the Summit Award. The Summit is awarded for outstanding contribution to volunteering. Its recipients must not only have completed the ascent but have also exceeded expectations. Organisations nominate exceptional young volunteers and the candidates are judged by a panel of Saltire Ambassadors from their Local Authority who can award no more than 12 Summits. The Summit provides well deserved recognition and appreciation of dedicated young volunteers who have given extraordinary service to the community.

If you wish to nominate one of your volunteers for a Summit Award please fill in a Summit Nomination Form.

How can Saltire Awards benefit our Organisation?

How can Saltire Awards benefit Young People?

Who can take part?

Any young person between the ages of 12-25 years old who lives in Scotland can register for Saltire. The young person can volunteer individually or as part of a group.

How do I register young people volunteering with my Organisation for Saltire Awards?

To register your young volunteers for Saltire Awards, you can register them using our Saltire Registration Form. Alternatively you can encourage your volunteers to sign up online on the Saltire Awards website. This is easier for the young people to control and monitor their own registration and the number of hours they have volunteered for. If necessary we can bring the forms to you and register any eligible volunteers there and then. To arrange a meeting, please contact us at 0131 660 1216.

How can I find out more about Saltire Awards?

There is more information available on the Saltire Awards site for volunteers and organisations.

For information about Saltire Awards in Midlothian please give us a call on 0131 660 1216 or email We would be happy to provide more information about Saltire or arrange to meet with staff to introduce them to Saltire.

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