Transform Youth Volunteering Project Reaches Milestone

Published on 1 August 2018 Categories: Transform

Volunteer Midlothian’s Youth Supported Volunteering project has reached a milestone of having had a 1000 young people volunteer with the project since 2009. The Transform project offers supported volunteering placements to young people aged 14-20, whereby the young volunteers are trained by the project coordinator and supervised while they undertake their volunteering. This gives a high quality volunteering experience to young people who would normally be too anxious or have other barriers preventing them from volunteering.

There are 4 main volunteering opportunities that young people can volunteer with under Transform: Intergenerational Befriending, Gardening, Holiday Playschemes and Primary School sessions. Each one helps the community in a different way, but at the same time improves the confidence and broadens the skill base of the young volunteers who take part. Since 2009 the 1000 volunteers have helped at over 2500 volunteering sessions within one of these four opportunities.

The project is funded through Midlothian Council’s Large Grant stream, Peoples’ Health Trust and Children in Need.

For more information about the project contact Keith Barbour, Youth Support Coordinator on 0131 660 1216 or

Volunteer comments about Transform:

 “This has been a life-changing experience and I hope to learn more throughout this experience”

“If I didn’t start volunteering I don’t think I would even have half the ambition I do now”

 “I really enjoyed myself, this has been a great experience and I believe that the skills I have developed will benefit me in the future”

Other comments about Transform:

“Regardless of the varying needs of the pupils participating, the coordinator and his team have kept every single child engaged, supported and happy. A first class service that we dearly cherish at Mayfield Primary School – Principal Teacher from Mayfield Primary School

“Nice to have the young generation – brings back memories” – Resident at Whitehill Sheltered Housing

“The tenants really look forward to their volunteer sessions and have a fantastic time regardless of the activities. They all join in and have a lovely time bonding with each other as well as the volunteers” – Manager of Moorfoot Court Sheltered Housing

Residents and young volunteers playing active bingo at a sheltered housing complex.

Volunteers from Newbattle High School helping at the coding club at Mayfield Primary School.

Young people from Midlothian Council’s Life Long Learning and Employability program helping at the Community garden in Dalkeith Country Park.

Young Volunteer helping at Midlothian Association of Play’s summer playschemes.