Transform Gardening Project

Published on 5 August 2019 Categories: Transform,  Young People

The garden is in full bloom, full of wild flowers from poppies to cornflowers  and we are working hard to keep the weeds – weeded,  the grass trim and nettles at bay!  We have said goodbye to some of our longer term volunteers and welcomed some new ones.  Our new recruits arrived just in time for potato harvest – “it’s like digging for treasure” said one!   Some of the harvest went to the volunteers and the rest to the volunteer coordinator who has been tasked with  making a potato Spanish omelette for our next session!

Our very own team from Volunteer Midlothian will be joining us in the garden this September to help us  with our big gardening plans and we are planning a pot luck picnic – guess I will make potato salad!

For more information on the Transform Project please contact Carey.