Retelling our Stories

Published on 10 June 2014 Categories: Connect,  Community Links Dementia,  Events

In celebration of Dementia Awareness Week (3-9 June) Retelling our Stories group hosted an event in Dalkeith Welfare Hall.

The Community Links Dementia Project, in partnership with Citadel Arts Group, has been working with people with dementia to help capture some of their life stories in a booklet. The culmination of hours of sharing was finally presented to an audience in the Welfare Hall Dalkeith on Wednesday 28th of May.  Members of the group read out some excerpts from their stories followed by a musician encouraging a mixed audience to join in with songs, which highlighted their stories.

P6 pupils from Kings Park primary school were also amongst the audience and who shared some of their own research on Old Dalkeith. They followed the presentation with questions for some of the older people about Dalkeith in their day. The respect and interest shown by the pupils to the older generation was marked. One pupil who obviously enjoyed the event asked “Can I come back in primary 7 please?”

One of the older people in the group commented, “it was a brilliant day especially as it was lovely to see the bairns enjoying themselves.”  A family carer said that as she listened, it wasn’t so much living memories, but loving memories.

And one older gentleman in the audience said “ I don’t know about bringing back memories but today has certainly given me some new ones.” It was a very successful day of cross generational engagement and respect. Thank you to Caroline Pearson for the photographs.