Real Stories: Ross' Story

Published on 12 August 2015 Categories:

My Job Centre Advisor suggested the CJS post as 'youth work' was something I was interested in.  I thought it was something I could eventually make a career out of one day.

I filled in the form and went for a group interview, then a second interview with a practical assessment.

What work did you do?

I was involved with various projects with VM.  There was a supported garden project at Vogrie where I worked with young people to plant vegetables and do general gardening activities.

I did supported befriending where young volunteers worked with older members of the community to help prevent barriers between the young and the old.

There was also Connect Online where volunteers taught computer skills.

I was really involved in these and other projects, to help out and build a trust relationship with the young people volunteering and to ensure that they were happy with the kind of things they were doing.


What difference has it made working with Volunteer Midlothian?

It made a big difference! 

I was unemployed due to becoming homeless and as such my confidence had taken a bit of a knock which meant I didn’t have the motivation to work. 

Working with Volunteer Midlothian not only helped me gain the confidence but pushed me to achieve more and more!

They gave me a chance to develop my skills and knowledge. I was made to feel part of the team.  They still invite me to their nights out. 

I would definitely go back - it made a real difference to me.


Something that captures who I am now.

"My flat - if I hadn't started work with VM then I wouldn't have had a job, or money to afford the rent.

They gave me confidence and pushed me to achieve more and more!"