Real Stories: Jenni's Story

Published on 12 August 2015 Categories:

I had gone to college to do photography, film and TV. I really liked working with people but was really shy.

In 2012 I went to the Job Centre looking for some work experience and they suggested I apply for the Youth Support Assistant post with Volunteer Midlothian.  It was a six months post from January, which was later extended.

What work did you do?

My title was Youth Support Assistant,  I would go to schools to meet with young people or meet with them at the office and discuss what they were interested in doing and what different volunteer opportunities were available to them. 

For 2 years I took photos for different organisations and produced the powerpoint for the volunteer awards ceremony.  They taught me quite complicated things. I was in charge of the Saltire Awards for two years running and I also assisted my colleagues with admin, befriending and sometimes gardening.

Working with young people was really easy.  Being young as well, they found it really easy to talk to me.

What difference has it made working with Volunteer Midlothian?

Firstly and most important to me was the confidence it gave me! Before joining Volunteer Midlothian I wouldn't have been able to answer the phone (especially with others in the room). I wouldn't have been able to stand up in front of a group of people and give a speech.  It was more than I had expected to gain.

Since working at VM I have had the confidence and skills to go on to volunteer and train with the Sea Cadet Corps as a Petty Officer, work and train as a life guard in Indiana at Camp Crosley YMCA summer camp for 10 weeks and travel around America for a month. 

Something that captures who I am now.


"The biggest thing that has happened is I finally had the confidence to apply to go to university.

I am now studying Paediatric Nursing at Napier and loving it!"